June 12, 2017

Entrepreneurial go-getters wanted

Striving to make it big in business? Here’s how the IDC can help you, writes Caiphus Kgosana.
May 27, 2017

Romeo Kumalo armed with a textbook and ready to work

“Fill up your toolbox with skills and qualifications.” These are words that Romeo Kumalo was once told and what he has applied throughout his career in the corporate world.
December 24, 2016

OfferZen recruitment is a real game-changer

SA developers can compete with those in Silicon Valley and OfferZen wanted to bring home the efficiency of businesses there in attracting talented developers
December 3, 2016

The reinvention of a corruption buster

After blowing the whistle on North West municipal councillors who were demanding kickbacks, Fikile Bili struggled to secure contracts in other provinces. But he’s come up with a new plan for success.
November 26, 2016

Leave your job and land on your feet

The new year brings new goals, and often a need to move on work-wise. A step-by-step approach is a sure-fire way to realise your professional ambitions
November 24, 2016

Auction entrepreneur made by good mentors

Having retired at 29, Ebo Quagraine’s main focus and motivation now is to create a safe environment where he can help people learn how to buy at an auction
November 12, 2016

Sexual harassment in the workplace - Know your rights

While sexual harassment continues to be a common occurrence in the workplace, it is unfortunately also an issue that is not often addressed.
November 12, 2016

Creating a road map for success

Forthright Dipuo Gqola of Wahlumaa Trading Enterprise in La Lucia, Durban, says she only realised the importance of a business plan after she attended the business modelling course at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (Gibs).
November 12, 2016

Where we live: A home of her own

Despite some disputes over ongoing maintenance, a blockof flats in Seshego has proven to be one of the best examples of the provision of cheap rental housing to the gap market – those considered too rich for RDP houses, but too poor to qualify for bank loans
October 28, 2016

The building blocks of a home

In 2010, shack dwellers in Maylaan got homes – but not the usual bricks and mortar houses. Instead, innovative building techniques were used to keep the houses warm in winter and cool in summer, writes Dumisane Lubisi
October 19, 2016

Top tips for women in the workplace

Women often fail to market and brand themselves well, so they fail to advance.
October 19, 2016

Winning Women: Online property is the way to go

In two short years, Karen Miller, director and principal of Quoin Online – a commercial, retail and industrial property sales and rental portal – has convinced doubters that her concept is solid, writes Sue Grant-Marshall.
October 19, 2016

Turning waste into green profit

A young entrepreneur is working on a way to convert harmful greenhouse gases into useful carbon nanotubes, writes Christina Kennedy.
October 16, 2016

Finding jobs for our young people

South Africa’s most pressing issue is youth unemployment. There are 3.6 million unemployed young people in the country – a whopping 37.5% of the working population.
October 19, 2016

#WhereWeLive: Cosmo City builds a new way of life

Everyone is welcome at the purpose-built community to the northwest of Joburg. RDP and bonded houses stand cheek by jowl, and a thriving community has grown inthe 11 years since the first residents moved in. Yolandi Groenewald explores
October 19, 2016

Auctions: Not all things Madiba are magic

Mandela ‘memorabilia’ may not be as valuable as you’d want it to be
September 27, 2016

Going, going, gone way up

Women have to make themselves count, says auctioneer’s HR director Kogie Moodley
September 17, 2016

Rural school produces star pupils against all odds

A famous maths and science whiz kid from Bushbuckridge, Bonginkosi Mnisi, nowhas a science lab named after him. Here’s how the students at his alma materare benefiting from an empowering relationship with the IDC, writes Caiphus Kgosana
September 17, 2016

Tools for future leaders

To fulfil its CSI mandate, the IDC is building the country’s capacity for homegrown scarce skills in today’s classrooms to create future jobs and economic growth, writes Zinhle Mapumulo,
August 19, 2016

The most loathed annual HR ­practice

Performance appraisals must have meaning, purpose and value
August 9, 2016

Breath of life

Good breathing techniques will not only help you to relax, they are essential to your mental wellbeing
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