February 28, 2017

Prasa removes Letsoalo as acting chief executive

Late yesterday Prasa removed Collins Letsoalo as the parastatal's acting group chief executive after claims that Letsoalo reportedly gave himself a 350% salary adjustment.
February 28, 2017

Maine’s ‘impimpi’ comments have placed him, not Gordhan, in the firing line

Youth League president Collen Maine calling Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan an “impimpi” (a spy) hasn’t gone down well in political circles.
February 28, 2017

Democracy could be doomed

"Democracy needs to be reviewed or repackaged for it to remain meaningful to all and, accordingly, maintain sustainability.” This view was expressed by one of the South African millennials at Harvard
February 27, 2017

Please help me count, Comrade Mantashe . . .

South Africa goes into holiday mode as soon as the second weekend of December ends. The country then wakes up again from the holidays after January 15 to pick up the pieces of the many lives that we lost on the roads due to speeding, recklessness, drunken driving and criminality.

February 26 2017

Love 2 Meet