Spring clean your clutter

2012-09-09 09:18
The Quick Shift Diva Kate Emmerson, a lifestyle and clutter expert, provides some basic rules for all your physical clutter.

The best way to tackle anything is a little bit at a time.

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1 Rooms
Each room has a main function.

For example, your bedroom is just that and not a dumping ground for everything else. Keep what is relevant
for its function in that space, and nothing else if possible.

2 Own home
Every item you own has its own home.

This is the place where it lives and everyone who lives in the home knows where it belongs.

Ideally everyone in the home knows how to reach any given item in less than a minute – but that may take some time to train all involved.

3 Like with like
Keep and store like with like.

For example, medicines together, table mats together, all plugs and adaptors together.

4 Uniformity
Use the concept of “easy on the eye” to create a feeling of uniformity.

If an item feels out of place, it probably is.

5 Jars
Use small plastic, wooden, wicker or even glass jars to keep like with like and to stop all things morphing and meshing together in a drawer.

6 Store stuff

Store stuff according to where you will naturally retrieve it.

It doesn’t matter how much stuff you have, but you must know where it is and be able to find it in a minute.

7 Donate
When sorting out your drawers, look at each item and ask: Do I love it? Does it add value? Do I use it?

And if not, throw it out or donate it to a charitable home.

8 Stick to rules
Teach any staff to stick to your new rules, systems or place for items.

It is up to you to ensure that it goes into the proper place.

9 Guide children

Never underestimate what children are capable of doing with their rooms and items if you guide them – expect them to put stuff back.