Bieber gets speeding ticket trying to avoid paparazzi

2012-07-07 11:55
Los Angeles – Justin Bieber is used to attracting crowds. But he had at least one follower too many when somebody tailed him on a Los Angeles freeway, and it led to a speeding ticket for the teen idol.

The singer of “Boyfriend” and “Baby” was cited for driving in excess of 65 mph (104.6 kph) at about 10.45 am yesterday, after calls came in complaining of a freeway chase on southbound US Highway 101 near Studio City, said Officer Ming Hsu of the California Highway Patrol.

The 18-year-old crooner told officers he was being chased by paparazzi, and investigators confirmed he was being followed by at least one vehicle.

“The second vehicle left the area and there’s a search to find that driver,” Hsu said.

Hsu did not have a description of the other vehicle.

A call and an email to Bieber’s publicist weren’t immediately returned.

The claim of a chase is backed by Los Angeles City councillor Dennis Zine, who called authorities after seeing Bieber’s distinctive chrome Fisker Karma being chased by five or six other cars.

On his morning commute to City Hall, Zine, who spent 33 years as a police officer, said he saw Bieber’s sports car drive up behind him and zoom around, weaving wildly in and out of traffic while five or six other cars gave chase.

Zine said Bieber was breaking the law by driving recklessly and speeding, and the paparazzi were breaking the law by hounding him.

Yesterday’s incident isn’t the only time the floppy-haired singer has had conflict with paparazzi.

In May, a photographer called authorities, complaining he was roughed up by the pop star in a shopping centre.

Authorities said the scuffle happened when a photographer tried to snap photos of Bieber and his girlfriend, teen actress Selena Gomez.