Charlize charms Namibians

2012-07-01 10:00
Karin Burger
Charlize Theron is stealing hearts wherever she goes in Swakopmund.

The 36-year-old Hollywood actress from Benoni is in Namibia for the shoot of the film Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s the fourth in the Mad Max series which originally gave a massive boost to Mel Gibson’s career.

Manti Bekker of The Beach Lodge says Theron, her adopted son Jackson, an assistant and a driver came to the lodge’s restaurant, The Wreck, for a meal last Tuesday evening.

“We didn’t know she was coming because the reservation wasn’t in her name. Later members of the film team joined them too.”

Bekker says she asked Theron if they were enjoying their stay in Namibia, to which the actress spontaneously responded by hugging her and suggesting they have a photo taken together.

“Charlize spoke English all the time, but later she said, ‘Bly te kenne’ (which means ‘pleased to meet you)in Afrikaans.”

Her assistant said they had rented a private house for the duration of the filming.

According to Bekker, Theron appeared to be quite relaxed with her hair shaved off, but for the photo she fetched a hat from the car. “The quality of the photo is not very good, because it was taken with my cellphone, but for a once in a lifetime opportunity like this, I don’t mind.”

Theron shaved off her blonde locks early in June for the role of Furiosa in the new film.

Heidi Snyman, owner of the Hotel Schweizerhaus, also caught a glimpse of the Oscar winner when she stopped at the hotel’s deli “a few days ago”.

“My daughters recognised her immediately, but we only saw her when she left. She was wearing a woollen hat.”

Meanwhile, a photo of Theron holding Jackson on her hip but without a hat and showing a new short hairstyle, is doing the rounds on the internet. It was apparently taken in Namibia.

This is not the first time the Oscar winner has changed her appearance for a role.

In the 2003 film Monster, in which she played the role of a serial killer and won an Oscar, she put on weight and wore prosthetic teeth and heavy make-up to make herself look wasted and run-down.

» Theron has just been named by Forbes as one the five most highly paid actresses in the world.

Kristen Stewart of the Twilight Saga is in first place, with an estimated $34,5 million (R282 million) earned between May 2011 and May 2012.

The rest of the five top earning Hollywood actresses are Cameron Diaz ($34m), Sandra Bullock ($25m), Angelina Jolie ($20m) and Theron ($18m).