Madiba deified

2012-10-28 10:00
Gabisile Ndebele
South Africa may soon have its own version of an adult comedy ­animation in the spirit of South Park.

Called My Child – Teenage Mutant Azanians, the series was tested on fringe audiences in Europe and the US earlier this year and the producers are positive it will be received well in South Africa.

The brainchild of Nick Wilson from the Imaginareum Studios production company, the concept show was posted on YouTube and has garnered interest. Since its ­upload less than two weeks ago, it has just over 1 000 views.

“We are currently in meetings with several channels who have shown interest and we have hope because it was well accepted at Cannes, in London, New York and Denmark,” he said.

The two-minute trailer starts off showing a rabbit resembling President Jacob Zuma, called Mshini, sitting on a log asking for advice from God, who turns out to have the face of former president ­Nelson Mandela.

“People love Nelson Mandela. I can’t imagine how people can get offended by this because many have seen him as such (a godlike incarnation),” said Wilson.

Celebrities Khanyi Mbau, ­Nataniël, Steve Hofmeyr, Angelina Jolie and Michael Jackson also get mocked.

“This is adult animation. It is not suitable for children, which is why we are looking at airing it late at night like South Park,” said Wilson.

The show features the voices of comedy stars Trevor Gumbi, Nina Hastie and Mpho Pops, and actors Maggie Benedict and Mortimer Williams.