Nonhle lost in Twitterland

2011-06-26 10:00
Gabisile Ndebele
Ordinary folk in this country have all just about had it with television personality Nonhle Thema after yet another meltdown on social network Twitter last weekend.

The 29-year-old whose raging emotions have been on display since her reality TV show, Nonhle Goes to Hollywood, ended in March, has landed in hot water with her employers, SoftSheen-Carson.

“Sorry for the tweets, I was just having fun but it went too far. I love Dark and Lovely and my tweetanators and meant no harm,” she tweeted on Thursday morning.

But it might have been too little too late for the girl who went from humble to arrogant overnight, boasting to her fans about the millions she had made since she scored the deal in May 2009.

On Saturday night she told her 36?620 followers that she had “made $10?million (about R69?million) from Dark and Lovely face unfortunately I could NOT be the face forever as u all expected. But don’t worry?.?.?.?I’m rich”.

This led to responses like: “She’s nuts”, “She needs to see a shrink” and “How childish”. Some even commented on how she was shaming her actor mother, Cynthia Shange, of U-Deliwe fame.

An unsigned email from SoftSheen-Carson states that Thema is still contracted to them and reiterates its support for the TV personality.

“She realises those tweets may have offended some people and apologises. They do not reflect Nonhle’s character nor do they reflect the values of SoftSheen-Carson,” reads the short statement.

Thema, who is also the face of DStv channel Vuzu and presenter of V Entertainment, also wrote that she’d made $2?million off her “TV career”.

The channel responded: “What Nonhle Thema tweets in her personal capacity are her views and the comments expressed there do not represent those of the channel.”

Thema excused herself. “I am human too. How can I be insane if I am at work on time, learn my scripts, present a show, have business meetings and still do my job efficiently, because all of that requires a lot of sanity,” she commented.

Celebs @NonhleThema

@DJFreshSA: All Yall “paying attention” are to blame coz “u feed the beast”

@KhayaDlanga : I’m not sure whether Nonhle needs Chuck Norris or Jesus. Or both

@Euphonik: WhenILoseIt I’ll call my reality show “Euphonik Properly Without Embarrisng (sic) Himself Goes To Hollywood”

@ZuraidaJardine: Our very own Charlie Sheen, or is it Mel Gibson?

@TumiFromTheV: I think I am allowed 1 judgment a year, now I don’t know you ma, but I think you are out of your mind.

@FrankySA: @NonhleThema do u have some change to sponsor my video? Yazi anginamali (I don’t have money)