Sheen says war with sitcom producers is over

2011-09-16 12:49
Charlie Sheen says the war is over. The troubled TV star says he holds no grudges against the producers of his former sitcom.

Appearing on Thursday’s Tonight Show, the former star of Two and a Half Men seemed in a forgiving mood towards his old workplace.

Asked by host Jay Leno if he’s still angry at the sitcom’s producers and network for firing him, he said no, he would have fired himself. Then he added with a laugh: “Well, maybe not like they did.”

Sheen was dumped in March after he railed against his bosses and they blasted him for being a drug-abusing, reckless playboy.

Sheen’s Tonight Show appearance publicised a Comedy Central roast of him airing on Monday, the same night that Ashton Kutcher debuts as his replacement on the hit CBS comedy.