Reluctant to visit the doctor? Read this

2012-06-12 08:58
Men have a shorter life span than women because they’re less inclined to consult doctors when they’re feeling ill, according to an expert.

Dr Shingai Mutambirwa, urologist at the Medical University of South Africa (Medunsa), said that until boys and girls are 16, they visit the doctor with equal frequency.

“The boys get taken for examinations by their mothers, but after the age of 16, it’s as if the men disappear. As to why they’re so reluctant to submit to even routine examinations, I don’t know, but they usually only go when they’re seriously ill.”

According to Mutambirwa, men visit the doctor five times less than women, and their life span is around six years shorter.

“Very serious conditions could be diagnosed earlier if men had routine examinations more regularly,” he told Beeld.