SA nudist tourism on the rise

2012-06-24 10:00
Marlene Malan
In search of the summer sun, a group of South Africans are sailing around the Greek islands in a large yacht this week – all of them without a stitch of clothing.

They are part of the growing group of South African supporters of nudist tourism.

Their host and hostess are Mark and Samantha Taylor, the couple who opened the Vasnat nudist spa in Somerset West in Western Cape at the end of last year.

The Taylors are also the owners of the Vassaliki Naturist Club on the Greek island of Kefalonia.

More and more South Africans are considering nudist holidays as their getaway of choice, Mark Taylor said.

But he said South Africans “still have to be educated about the rules of nudist spas,” as some of them still go there for “sexual reasons”.
“That’s not allowed,” he said, “guests who do not behave properly are kicked out.”

The Taylors will be in Vassaliki until mid-September where, in addition to many guests from Europe, they will also be visited by quite a number of South Africans.

Vasnat is closed during the South African winter so the Taylors are at Vassaliki until September.

“At Vasnat we have a mixture of visitors from South Africa and Europe in the summer months. That’s why Vasnat will soon be expanded.

“More and more people are looking for niche holidays, and nudism is a popular choice these days. To get rid of your clothes gives full freedom and acceptance of the body.”

Samantha Taylor said people were looking for relaxation that was completely different from their humdrum daily lives.

“Nudism gives them this. Society is also accepting nudism more and more,” she said.