The house Zuma built

2012-11-04 10:00
Themba D Ntshangase, Former MK cadre
The government has not built President Jacob Zuma’s home. Public works only funded the security features.

The president has a special friend in India who is involved in iron ore. Some of the extra funds were a gift from Angola’s Isabel dos Santos.

You must also remember Zuma was lucky to have had friends such as former Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi.

The president is also a father figure to the Congo’s President Joseph Kabila. This group of friends cannot let down another friend in his hour of need, hence the contributions made towards him and his family.

A bunker is expensive. It’s like building a submarine.

I am shocked when Lindiwe Mazibuko says she plans to introduce a Private Members Bill to amend the National Key Points Act to ensure transparency.

If she had been a president, would she have allowed her security to be jeopardised?

DA MP Anchen Dreyer is too ambitious to submit proposed amendments to the Executive Ethics Act.

Where do these guys come from? Where were they when the apartheid leaders caused untold suffering with the funds they used to conduct raids to kill and maim us?

Why did they keep quiet, only to surface now with all these dramatisations?

I’m flabbergasted when Dreyer claims in Al Jazeera and The Economist that Zuma breached the Ministerial Handbook. She failed to voice this to Magnus Malan and BJ Vorster for killing Soweto pupils using state funds?

Zuma can rule by decree as we in Umkhonto weSizwe plan to appoint him for life! Zimbabwe has a life president and Angola is doing well, so this is the best route for us to follow if we are to indigenise and deal with the land question.

South Africa needs a strong big man to force things to happen. The best medicine is dictatorship! As things stand, we are moving too slow.

We need to give Zuma these powers, or create a military state at once.