Malema, Rupert, Manuel and Ramos a third force hellbent on creating havoc – Edward Zuma

2016-04-27 15:09

Edward Zuma, the eldest son of President Jacob Zuma, has again come out firing shots at Julius Malema, Johann Rupert, Trevor Manuel, Maria Ramos and Zwelinzima Vavi. 

In a statement released on Freedom Day, Zuma said that he wanted to warn fellow citizens that there was a third force “hellbent” on creating havoc in the country and that the third force, with the help of Malema, Rupert, Manuel and Ramos, wanted to destabilise “our democratic country and the ruling party [ANC]”. 

Last month Zuma opened a case of corruption against Rupert at the Nxamalala Police Station near Nkandla. Zuma also called Rupert “an arrogant white racist who has been looting unabated”. 

In another statement, issued on April 6, Zuma said that “Trevor Manuel and his wife, Maria Ramos, are simple foot soldiers, being used by their greedy masters like the Ruperts”. 

Zuma also lambasted NGOs as “devils in a sheep skin” and said the country was being fed lies and misinformation “by agents of the West to start a revolution”. 

Below is Edward Zuma’s full statement:

Statement by Edward Zuma
Wednesday, 27 April 2016

For immediate release

Today, 27 April 2016 marks 22 years since South Africa attained its independence through democratic means in 1994. 
Greetings to all South Africans and may we take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the fact that the African National Congress (ANC) has to be applauded for leading the struggle for liberation in this country as we celebrate Freedom Day today, I however want to warn and caution fellow citizens of the dangers we are facing of a Third Force that is hellbent in creating havoc in our country with the help of Julius Malema, Johan Rupert, Trevor Manuel, Maria Ramos and many who call themselves various names and some abuse religion to advance their own narrow interest and that of the west who are paying millions of dollars to these people to destabilise the our democratic country and the ruling party (ANC). 

This, they do because they from the onset, they have never had the interests of the country and its people rather they have been part of those that destroyed our country with the apartheid regime e.g the Project Spider Web should be able to clarify all one has suspected all these years once it's content is investigated. 

As a country, we are facing a situation where the youth and people in general are being told and fed lies and misinformation by all NGOs that are used by agents of the West to start a revolution in our country, they have done it in many other countries around the world and we should be careful of them because they are devils in a sheep skin, we should not be fooled by this rebels of our hard earned freedom instead their calls should fall on deaf ears, anyone who claims to be a champion of the people should know very well that elections are the only tool to voice ones view and not through the means of violence as it has been happening in neighboring African countries and some countries in the world over. 

This unholy alliance is nothing but a mission funded by those who do not like the relationship South Africa has with the golden BRICS countries hence President Zuma is their enemy number one because he is not controlled like those who are now making noise today and those want to forcefully remove the existing democratically elected government. 

South Africans must resist and not just stand and watch our country being destroyed by Zwelinzima Vavi and his crew. True sons and daughters of this beloved country should defend it at all cost. 
I now call upon all peace loving South Africans to rally behind our democratically elected government and pray for peace in our land. 

Nkosi sikelela I-Africa !!!

Issued by Mr Edward Zuma (his personal capacity)

May 24 2020