Mother tongue learning needs to happen in our schools

Language is closely related to identity, and as societies grow and develop, so does the evolution of language.

The fight for indigenous languages is important. Here’s why

Katrina Esau, is one of the last people in the world who still speaks N| uu, one of the last dialects of the original language spoken by the San.

SA’s sociolinguistic element ensures the majority remain restricted

South Africa has many indigenous languages that all matter for development, peace-building and reconciliation.

Filling the gap: Nal’ibali ensures that children can still read without books

Only 7% of South African homes own more than 10 books. It is no wonder that South Africans are falling short on the reading literacy scale.

Want to read to your children in your mother tongue? Check out these books

A growing number of reports highlights the need to increase the number of reading materials in South Africa that include mother tongue languages.

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