The Christian web series taking the world by storm

An independent, crowd-driven and funded series is breaking the mould when it comes to Christian viewing and is raking in numbers along the way. It’s also perfect viewing in the time of the lockdown. Grethe Kemp speaks to the director of The Chosen.

Obituary: South Africa’s towering healer, prophet and artist Credo Mutwa

With no formal training, his art became an expression of his wish to share the oral tales and symbols of traditional African spirituality.

The River runs on as MultiChoice announces R80m relief fund

MultiChoice has availed funds for crew, cast and creatives salaries, as production houses balance a lockdown and voracious viewer appetites.

Coping mentally during self-isolation

Disability rights advocate Gaby Sanchez has had to learn, as a physically disabled person, how to navigate an inaccessible world. Owing to her disability and the chronic conditions that result from it, she has more than 10 years’ worth of experience in intermittent strict self-isolation. Now that South Africans will be facing the same, she offers steps to protect you mental health.

Local designers are putting their own spin on face masks

Boutique designers Woodstock Laundry and P&H Boutique have added their own twist to the range of mask designs out there. And though they don’t function the same as medical masks, they sure look good.

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