‘The league’s views are sponsored’

2011-08-14 10:00
Cedric Mboyisa
The ANC Youth League is being used to advance the personal ambitions of certain politicians and businessmen-turned-politicians.

This is according to a seven-page document being circulated among concerned senior ANC members. City Press has a copy.

“The plot to remove the president (Jacob Zuma) from office is thickening and the intention to replace him at the 2012 Mangaung conference is well-funded,” reads the document.

The league’s personal attack on Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba for his stance on nationalisation prompted the writing of the document.

The league yesterday apologised for its controversial statement calling for the establishment of a command team in Botswana to help opposition parties unseat the “puppet regime” in that country.

In an 11th hour attempt to escape “imminent” disciplinary action for its “serious transgression”, the league yesterday withdrew and apologised for its statement on Botswana.

The ANC’s national working committee is meeting tomorrow to consider possible charges against the league and the document is seen as coming from the group that wants the party to take action against its careening young Turks.

The league has attacked two Cabinet ministers for speaking out against nationalisation.

They are Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba and Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu.

The document makes a clarion call to ANC members to defend the governing party from the league’s onslaught.

“The youth movement has been infiltrated. The opportunists who are free-riding on the backs of some leaders of the youth movement are hellbent on achieving nothing else but their personal ambitions. With their money and wealth, they influence the noisemakers to pursue their goals”.

According to the document, the handlers of the league are found both in government and in the ANC.

“Others purport to support the president when they actually seek to embarrass him,” says the document. The document goes on to dismiss as a “myth” the perceived kingmaker status of the league, saying the only kingmakers in the ANC are its members.

In a scathing attack on ANCYL president Julius Malema, the document describes him as an “amorphous leader”.

“They are betting on a political tadpole (Malema) whose right to free political education in the ANC is just as guaranteed and dependent on the tadpole’s willingness to learn”. The league’s call for generational mix also comes under attack.

The league’s mission to dethrone ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe in favour of Fikile Mbalula is driven by the so-called generational demand.

The document argues that “there is nothing wrong in principle with generational mix in the leadership of the organisation”.

ANC spokesperson Brian Sokutu said the governing party was not aware of such a document. “It is not our official document. It has not been discussed by any of our structures,” he said.