We Are Here: Tough Love

2010-12-06 10:47
Antonio Lyons
Day 12 (6 December 2010)

This poem forms part of the We Are Here series, a collection of 16 poems by Antonio Lyons that look at gender violence from a male perspective.

Stupid is as stupid does.

If he’s dumb enough to hit her, then let them lock his dumb ass up.

I ain’t going to excuse his behaviour this time.

It don’t matter what she said or did. If he laid his hands on her, he deserves what he gets.

He needs to fuck with somebody his own size.

Grown ass man hittin’ on a woman.

It’s just wrong!

See how he likes being thumped upside the head and thrown around.

Yeah, they gonna teach his punk ass a lesson when they lock him up.

You damn right I’m serious.

And he better not be calling me to bail his sorry ass out of jail either.

You see he ain’t called here yet and he ain’t gonna call.

He know I don’t play that.

I told him the last time he got his self in some shit behind that gal that he better get it together or he was gonna be one sorry ass.

You know what they say, hard head make don’tcha? Well, he bout to find out.

Yes, indeed.

I ain’t happy about it, but I damn sure don’t won’t folks thinking I raised him to be that way.

If she was smart, she woulda waited till he was sleepin’ and taught him some respect with a cast iron skillet.

Nah, I don’t want him dead, but she coulda just roughed him up a lil’ bit.

I wished I had known all this was goin’ on when they came last Thanksgiving.

I would have given him a piece of my mind and all of my fist.

I ain’t being hard.

Sometimes you gotta serve you chillun a little tough love.

That’s right baby, a little tough love.