Another month in Weskoppies for ‘Modimolle Monster’

2012-06-13 10:51
Johan Kotze, accused of orchestrating an attack on his estranged wife and killing her son, will be kept in the Weskoppies psychiatric hospital for an additional 30-day observation period, according to a report.

The Modimolle Magistrates court ruled yesterday that Kotze’s observation period should be extended for another month, Beeld newspaper reported today.

The ruling followed a request lodged by Dr SB Sokudela, a psychiatrist at the Weskoppies psychiatric hospital who has been evaluating Kotze over the past month.

Sokudela told the court that Kotze still needed to undergo a battery of tests.

Kotze was admitted to Weskoppies in May, after being charged with the murder of his stepson Conrad (19) and the aggravated assault and rape of his estranged wife Ina Bonnette (42) in January.

Kotze allegedly forced Andries Sithole (42) Peter Mohlane (23) and Frans Mphaka (29) to attack and rape Bonnette.

Kotze, who was dubbed the Modimolle Monster, managed to evade police for a week by living in his SUV. He was eventually caught after a woman spotted him buying supplies and residents joined the manhunt.

The trial is scheduled to start on November 19 in the North Gauteng High Court.