Cape baboon committee formed

2011-09-22 16:37
A new committee has been set up to promote relations between humans and baboons, the City of Cape Town said today.

“A smaller committee has been formed to handle ongoing issues and ensure action is being taken where necessary,” the city said in a statement.

This came after city councillor Elizabeth Brunette called for a meeting between representatives of the Baboon Conservation Authorities (BCA), the Constantia Property Owners’ Association and surrounding wine farms.

She sought a discussion on issues that arose as a result of the baboon troops living in the area. The city said all attendees agreed “to ensure a sustainable baboon population living on the outside of the urban edge on natural land”.

The city said it was formulating new baboon-related by-laws aimed at easing tensions between man and baboon.

The by-laws “will prescribe the necessary actions and responsibilities of property owners” in baboon-affected areas.

The city advised the public to avoid sudden movements when encountering a baboon, as this made the animal act defensively.

“Be determined, decisive and confident when driving off a baboon,” the city said.

It would also be handy to have a water pistol in the house and a hose pipe ready in the garden as “baboons dislike being sprayed with a strong stream of water”.