Cops to probe wrongful killing claims

2012-05-30 09:47
An investigation would be launched into claims that police shot dead an innocent man while pursuing armed robbers in Soweto, Gauteng police have said.

“We are going to investigate those allegations,” Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said.

The Star reported that a security guard collecting cash from a shopping centre was robbed by two armed men on Monday.

The security guard chased the suspects into the veld and police joined the search in the Eldorado Park area.

Police were told that one of the men was wearing a black jacket. When they saw a man matching this description they opened fire, killing him, according to the newspaper.

The man was Mbantjoa Khang (29), a Lesotho national who had lived in South Africa for the last three years.

His brother, Mojela, told the newspaper that his brother could not have been the robber police were seeking because he and Mbantjoa had been together at the time of the robbery.

“How could he be part of the heist when he was with us in the morning, cooking on an open fire?”