‘Jou ma se poes,’ advocate tells judge

2011-03-30 09:41
An advocate swore at a judge in the Western Cape High Court last week after being quizzed about why he was several hours late for a case, The Star newspaper reported today.

Advocate Nehemiah Ballem lashed out at Judge Lee Bozalek, a former human rights lawyer who has been a high court judge since 2000.

According to the court transcript, Ballem told the judge: “Jou ma se poes, man, fuck you!”

This was after the judge asked him why he did not turn up for a case on Friday morning.

Ballem said he had car trouble and had left a message, adding that he “was here now” – at 2.37pm.

The judge wanted to know how the advocate could have tried to make a telephonic request for a postponement.

Ballem became increasingly irritated with the questions, saying at one stage: “I’m not your child”, and then: “You do exactly what you want. Do what you want.”

To which the judge replied: “You are sailing very close to the wind.”

This prompted Ballem’s outburst, before he rushed out of the courtroom.

Justice spokesman Tlali Tlali said he would comment later today.