Krejcir, the Playboy model and the MK vet

2012-10-14 10:00
Charl du Plessis
Czech fugitive said to have splashed out on pin-up cover girl

The man no law enforcement ­official appears able to catch was instead snared by Playboy’s ­October pin-up.

Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir may have been let off the hook on armed robbery charges this week, but it has now emerged he had an affair with men’s magazine cover girl Marissa Christopher.

Despite the fact that Krejcir is married to gorgeous businesswoman Katerina Krejcirova, with whom he has two sons, four independent sources confirmed to City Press that he had a fling with Christopher and also bought her a luxury sports car worth more than R1 million.

When contacted for comment on Friday, Krejcir said the claims were “completely nonsense”.

“I only have my wife and my two sons, and I didn’t buy her any car.”

But Krejcir did admit that he knows Christopher, saying that they both live in the same expensive northeastern Johannesburg suburb of Bedfordview. Her former husband, he said, was an acquaintance of his.

Christopher also insisted she did not currently “have a relationship with Radovan Krejcir”. When asked if she’d ever had one, she said “no comment”.

Christopher, the daughter of ex-MK leader Russel Christopher, is a “hopeless romantic who fears loneliness more than anything else in this world”, according to Playboy’s website.

But Russel Christopher, a former security head at Parliament, appears to be estranged from his daughter, telling City Press this week that she is “past family and I have nothing to do with them whatsoever”.

Russel Christopher said he had heard rumours of Krejcir’s relationship with Marissa, but said he did not have contact with his ex-wife or his daughter.

“Whatever or whoever she has a relationship with is none of my business,” he said.

Krejcir and Christopher’s affair, however, does appear to now be a thing of the past.

An acquaintance of hers says the relationship is over and she has been trying to distance herself from him.

The National Prosecuting Authority dropped charges of armed robbery against Krejcir in the Pretoria Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday. Krejcir and two co-accused were arrested in connection with the armed robbery of a Pretoria electronics shop in October 2011.

Krejcir, who was found guilty in absentia for extensive fraud and conspiracy to murder in his Czech homeland, now has no criminal charges pending against him in South Africa, where he is fighting for asylum.

But Hawks spokesperson McIntosh Polela said on radio this week that they were still investigating him.

In March last year, Krejcir was in court for defrauding a medical insurance company out of R4.5 million after claiming that he had terminal bladder cancer. Although his urologist Marian Tupy was convicted for swapping his blood samples with those of a ­dying patient, charges against Krejcir were withdrawn.

During his court appearances at the time, a concerned Krejcirova and his teenage son, Denis, supported him in the public gallery.

Always impeccably groomed, Krejcirova was surrounded by a number of beefy bodyguards and driven to court in bulletproof ­vehicles.

Last year, the Hawks raided Krejcir’s lavish Bedfordview home, which features a large exotic fish tank containing small sharks.

Denis, then 18 years old, who was at home at the time, later instituted a claim against police for assault, intimidation and ­kidnapping.

During a dramatic bail application, prosecutor Riegel du Toit said a “hit list” was found at the house, featuring his own name as well as that of Tupy and ex-MK cadre Cyril Beeka, who had been killed in a drive-by shooting in Cape Town weeks before.

Krejcir, however, has claimed he was being victimised by crusading forensic consultant Paul O’Sullivan.