Mum’s hoax bomb scare to stop daughter boarding plane – report

2012-05-31 08:55
A mother allegedly made a hoax bomb threat because she did not want her daughter to board a 1Time flight from Johannesburg to George.

When the flight landed in George yesterday airline officials searched for the bomb resulting in flight delays, The Star reported today.

Bewildered passengers were transferred from the plane to the terminal building but did not know what was going on.

The police bomb squad was sent in to look for the bomb but nothing was found, Western Cape police spokesperson Sergeant Nigel Olifant told the newspaper.

The airline’s chief executive Blacky Komani told The Star that the call made to the call centre was traced back to the mother.

“She left a short message. She wanted to speak to the manager and when the call centre agent put her through, she said: “I just wanted to let you know there is a bomb in one of your aircraft,” Komani was quoted as saying.

1Time immediately notified its pilots and ordered that all flights on the ground be searched. Two flights were in the air.

It was not clear why the mother did not want her daughter to fly on the aircraft, the newspaper reported.