Students protest by locking out staff members

2012-09-18 10:56
Students at a secondary school in Eastern Cape protested against a lack of teachers by locking out all staff members.

The pupils from Njongihlanga Senior Secondary School, in Ncera Village, staged the lockout yesterday in protest against their lack of teachers of maths, maths literacy, geography and agricultural science, the Dispatch Online reported reported today.

They locked the main gate of the school, barring all entry to the grounds.

Two temporary teachers were sent to the school in March following several pleas for help to the provincial department of education, teachers asking to remain anonymous told the newspaper.

However, the payment of their salaries was bungled and they left their positions in August, leaving the pupils without instruction.

“We saw that nothing is happening, so we’re wasting our time coming to school as we’re going to fail the year anyway so we decided to do this,” said Student Representative Council member Thabo Bokana.

“We’re doing this for our rights and we’re hoping the department will sit up and take notice,” he said.