August 18, 2019

New Mzansi Magic show Before I Do is the same old

New Mzansi Magic show Before I Do sees host Andile Gaelesiwe assist couples in resolving their issues so that they can move on to the next step in their relationships. Gaelesiwe is a good host and the issues are pertinent, but the show feels too much like others we've seen before, writes Moroetsana Serame.
August 16, 2019

The Kitchen: Can't stand the heat

Audiences aren't feeling new Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish movie The Kitchen, and neither is Rhodé Marshall.
August 9, 2019

Yes, The Rock actually lassoes a chopper

Grethe Kemp switches off her brain and enjoys the explosive action in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.
August 1, 2019

Crawl is a real slog

Paramount Pictures' latest film leaves Ilan Preskovsky feeling uninspired.
July 28, 2019

Restaurant review: Visit Rodizio, but only for the meat

Rodizio Grill & Tapas launched their eatery in Melrose Arch and Phumlani S Langa wasn't impressed by much but the meat.
July 25, 2019

The Best of Enemies is another white film about black pain

The Best of Enemies takes an emotional true story and delivers it in an uninspiring manner. Phumlani S Langa is convinced that this film will miss out on any nominations at the Academy Awards.
July 19, 2019

The Lion King live action: How not to remake a masterpiece

The Lion King is a timeless tale. One that should not have been taken lightly when the decision to flip this animated feature, to live action, was taken.
July 22, 2019

Streaming review: Things get stranger in Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things season 3 is out and our group of small town heroes are confronted by an even more intense evil than previously.
July 7, 2019

Ebola series The Hot Zone is US-centric, but still thrilling

Partly shot in Durban and with cameos by two South African actors, The Hot Zone tells the story of a 1989 Ebola scare in the US. But is this the Ebola story we need right now, asks Grethe Kemp.
August 11, 2019

Restaurant review: Social Parkwood gets a miss

The #Trending team went to Social Parkwood in Rosebank to experience their take on an upmarket shebeen ... it didn't go over well.
July 14, 2019

Child’s Play is just okay

This Chucky lacks the potent fear-inducing malevolence that the previous instalments had.
August 11, 2019

Noot vir Noot got a revamp, so what's it like?

It may well be one of the longest-running Afrikaans TV shows and, even if you don’t watch it, you sure know what it’s about. Thinus Ferreira looks at the revamped show, premiering on Thursday.
July 7, 2019

Wheels and meals at the Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar

If ever there was a refreshing concept then it’s this one. The Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar opened a new branch at the Daytona car dealership in Melrose Arch – that’s right in the middle of the showroom, writes Rhodé Marshall.
July 4, 2019

The Netflix sequel is not the Shaft we wanted

Netflix has produced a sequel for Shaft and given it a romantic comedy feel which Phumlani S Langa could have done without.
June 30, 2019

Your kids will adore Madagascar: A Musical Adventure Jr

It’s fun, it’s relevant and it’s highly interactive. Trust me, you won’t regret taking the kids to Madagascar: A Musical Adventure Jr, writes Sbu Mkwanazi.
July 21, 2019

Mentally stimulating reads to warm your winter

Need something to get stuck into on cold nights? Kate Turkington reviews two new books.
June 28, 2019

Aggretsuko has a lot less rage

In this season of Aggretsuko, Retsuko deals with her overbearing mother, a paranoid junior co-worker and a new suitor.
June 30, 2019

Kings of Mulberry Street is a winner

Kings of Mulberry Street is more than a fluffy school holiday film – it’s a time capsule of the charou experience, writes Youlendree Appasamy.
June 24, 2019

MOVIE REVIEW: Revenge of the psycho nerd

For months, excitement has been building over the release of Ma – a film meant to show actress Octavia Spencer in a different light, writes Rhodé Marshall.
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