CITY PRESS REVIEW: It's a no for online show Microwave Boys

2017-07-23 21:00

Johannesburg - The theme song for Microwave Boys is something along the lines of “f*ckbois say who”, which put me off from the jump. The plot, or lack thereof, relies on three dudes – Larry, Sphakha and Sipho. They drop an episode every week combining humour and street knowledge to comment and guide their followers on local youth culture and entertainment.

Well, I won’t be watching every week.

They talk about things like when Nasty C went to the US and spat some on Sway in the Morning, things like when the prison strippers/dancers made headlines – creating a show that’s like the bootleg of #Trending on SABC3. There’s no fly Nina Hastie, Pabi Moloi or Shaka Sisulu, just these three chaps mouthing off.

It’s pretty funny and its popularity is growing.

I see what they’re trying to do, shame, and I’m sure all my Braamfontein youngins will eat this up by the bucket load. To me, this looks like these dunnys smoked a little sum-sum and then filmed this nonsense. They’re getting those views, so props to them for that.

I don’t get the microwave thing though ... is it perhaps owing to the wave they’re currently riding being micro, or are they trying to reheat the cold issues of the past week? The latter makes it sound way smarter than it actually is. Larry does have a knack for somehow staying in the limelight, or doing something of interest every now and then, and this must be commended – a dancer has a short shelf life, after all.

The other two guys are also quite funny and inject a bit of wit here and there.

This show doesn’t take itself too seriously. They do take the piss out of some people every now and then, but they also big-up a few people for achieving awards and excelling. They even had Cassper Nyovest just rock up and talk a little of that smack. Check it out, it isn’t a complete waste of time. That’s if you have nothing else to do.

Here's an episode of The Microwave Boys' show: 

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