Money Makeover: The faces of financial freedom

In this final edition of the Money Makeover, we recap their journeys and hope they will inspire you to create your own financial freedom.

Meet the Money Makeover contestants

It’s that time of year again – Absa and City Press are set to take six readers through a journey that will transform their finances. Follow... read more

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Creating a savings and investment plan

When creating his long term financial plan Zamo needed to consider savings and investments. Together with a financial adviser he came up with a... read more

Preparing for semiretirement

Buti joined the Money Makeover competition because, at the age of 51, he must start thinking about his retirement. Here's how he went about it

Investing for the long term: Don't sit on cash

What should you do when it comes to long-term investing? Absa's chief investment strategist gives our Money Makeover candidates some general rules to work with

How to get your business ready for a loan

Howard, a property entrepreneur, started his rooms-to-rent business before the Money Makeover competition. We analyse how far he has come and what steps he took to... read more

The concept of a second work life

Having a second or third income can help boost your income, increase your savings and set you up nicely for retirement. Here's how to get your second work life up and... read more

Money hacks: Surviving a life shock

What can we learn from Howard’s experience after losing his job, is that if you get your finances in order, you can survive those life shocks

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