January 8, 2020

‘Let’s talk about how to reconstruct the SA male archetype’

This is an extract from the book Perils of Patriarchy, a six-part book series, that seeks to shed the personal experiences that all South Africans face on a daily basis due to the social system called patriarchy. This extract is from Peril Six: Men Unimagined by Nokwanda Mpama.
December 24, 2019

Your summer holiday reading list

Rhodé Marshall has curated a list of books released this year, that should be on your to-buy or to-read list.
November 22, 2019

Book Extract: ‘The struggle continues till Babylon falls!'

This is the story of Robert McBride and his comrades: the substation sabotage spree; rescuing a compatriot from hospital and smuggling him to Botswana; the devastating Why Not Bar and Magoo’s car bomb that killed three women; the dramatic trial; and McBride's 1463 days on death row.
November 15, 2019

Book Extract: How the Arch helped Tendai ‘Beast’ Mtawarira with his SA passport

Rugby World Cup winning Springbok legend Tendai ‘Beast’ Mtawarira, better known as Beeeaaasssttt! to fans, has been moved from back row to front row, bullied by xenophobic politicians and undergone three bouts of heart surgery.
November 10, 2019

Bolo: A reading app for the literacy gap in SA

Bolo – a reading app for children announced this week by Google SA – is an educational tool that combines learning and reading out loud with rewards (gold stars) in a visual and game-like environment, all overseen by an artificial intelligence tutor
November 8, 2019

Fred Khumalo: Giving life to those excluded

Acclaimed author Fred Khumalo has once again taken a piece of history and crafted it into an eloquent piece of fiction. Manosa Nthunya sat down with him to chat about his latest book, The Longest March.
November 6, 2019

Book Extract: A steady ship in a steady current

Sweat Scale $ell by Pavlo Phitidis.
October 30, 2019

Afro young adult anthology in English, French and Swahili hits bookshelves

A highly anticipated Afro young adult anthology, Water Birds on the Lake Shore: An Anthology of African Young-Adult Fiction, will finally be hitting stores this November.
October 28, 2019

Book Extract: 5 teens get more than they bargain for when they sneak off to Suicide Valley

In this extract from Nedine Moonsamy’s debut novel, five teenagers from the Indian suburb of Lenasia are on holiday when they decide to break the rules and take a walk to Suicide Valley.
October 10, 2019

Book Extract: Own my roots

From the evolution of hair to a cosmetics range, former Miss South Africa and business mogul Basetsana Kumalo reveals what it took to build her professional brand, in this extract from her new book.
October 10, 2019

The First Pass

As the Springboks carry the hopes of South Africa at the Rugby World Cup in Japan, award-winning rugby writer Gavin Rich offers honest insight into the experiences of past Springbok champions. This extract begins with Gcobani Bobo recounting his debut in the national squad against Scotland.
October 10, 2019

Book Review: Death on the Limpopo

Death on the Limpopo: A Tannie Maria Mystery by Sally Andrew.
October 10, 2019

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face

Mike Tyson was arguably one of the greatest fighters in the sport of boxing. Despite his shorter and stockier frame, he soared through the heavyweight ranks for 20 years.
October 4, 2019

Book Review: Behind apartheid's horror curtains

Undercover with Mandela’s Spies: The Story of the Boy Who Crossed the Square by.
September 26, 2019

What more can you learn at 80? Lots, if you decide to drive 10 000km to Cairo

Octogenarian Julia Albu – who at the age of 80 together with her trusted 20-year-old Toyota Conquest named Tracy, adventures across the African continent – describes her journey to Francistown in Botswana.
September 26, 2019

The knock at the door

One Day in Bethlehem by Jonny Steinberg.
September 19, 2019

Blood Gold

A new book by celebrated social historian Charles van Onselen explores the human cost on the Mozambicans who came to work on the mines of the Witwatersrand. This extract explores the link between the mines and alcoholism.
September 18, 2019

3 Q's for Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu

Last week, Zimbabwean academic, film maker and writer Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu was named as the fiction prize winner at the 2019 Sunday Times Literary Awards for her debut novel, The Theory of Flight. So, who is our latest literary star?.
September 18, 2019

Book Extract: Refusing to accept the shame

A new collection of African LGBTIQ writing has appeared in stores, adding to a growing archive. In this extract, Lwando Scott tackles how ‘effeminate’ boys like him are double-shamed – and how we all contribute to the othering that can cripple a life
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January 26 2020