April 6, 2020

Covid-19 lockdown doesn't have to end in divorce

The widely reported spike in the divorce rate in China – up to 25% in some cities – due to the national Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown has added to the anxiety of many couples in South Africa as they worry about the future of their marriages.
April 5, 2020

Mondli Makhanya: How to become a colony again

Week four of no football. Things are really (say that ‘really’ 10 times) horrific. This now begs the question: Why was television invented in the first place if it’s not to be used to watch the beautiful game?.
April 5, 2020

Lockdown: What is essential to one, isn’t to another

Last week, when President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a 21-day lockdown, as fears mounted that many had already been infected by the Covid-19 coronavirus, he said only certain merchandise – deemed essentials – would be sold during this period.
April 5, 2020

The poor will suffer from price gouging

Following the declaration of a state of disaster by President Cyril Ramaphosa, Trade, Industry and Competition Minister Ebrahim Patel gazetted regulations to strengthen the ability of the Competition Commission and the National Consumer Commission to
April 5, 2020

Editorial: When the state is fearful of taxi bosses

The government’s aim of introducing the 21 days of national lockdown was to ensure that as few people as possible would be out and about at any given time. In this way, the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus could be slowed and eventually stopped as
April 4, 2020

Covid-19: Discontent among community healthcare workers on the frontlines

In the war against Covid-19, community healthcare workers are the foot soldiers on the frontlines. Spotlight speaks to community healthcare workers from across the country about their concerns
April 4, 2020

Mandisa Mashego’s EFF exit and the political dilemma facing SA women

History shows us time and again that patriarchy will not allow women to ascend to positions of significant authority and control, writes Philile Ntuli.
April 4, 2020

2019: The year of the great seperation

The 2008 global financial meltdown is referred to as the Great Recession, and this year may well be remembered as the Great Separation.
April 3, 2020

We are swimming naked in the tide of the coronavirus

The dawn of the year 2020 was greeted by many with a sense of hope and renewal, with clichés such as “2020 vision” and “#20Plenty”.
April 3, 2020

Covid-19: A global problem requiring a globalised response

The present preoccupation with internal processes of dealing with the Covid-19 coronavirus by many countries of the world is indeed commendable. Beside the fact that such approaches afford these countries opportunities to occasionally assess the exte
April 3, 2020

Covid-19: Food security and wellness are likely to be compromised

Contrary to what Agribusiness and government reports tell us – that food shortages are unlikely during the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak – the truth is that South Africa might be food secure at macro-level, but insecure at household-level.
April 2, 2020

The country faces ‘existential crisis’ but South Africans not taking lockdown seriously

Eight days into the three-week lockdown, a significant number of South Africans are refusing to stay indoors, and risk contracting and spreading the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus in the process.
April 3, 2020

There is a financial silver lining to Covid-19

The Covid-19 coronavirus has brought many challenges to almost all aspects of our lives, including health; spirituality; academic and developmental growth; business, including sports and culture; career; finances; as well as family and other social capital.
April 2, 2020

Covid-19 pandemic mirrors the smallpox outbreak when Joburg was still young

The Covid-19 coronavirus has forced an unprecedented worldwide lockdown that humans have never experienced on such scale.
April 2, 2020

Post-Covid-19 SA will need a natural ‘stimulus package’

Switch on any global news channel and you will be confronted with panels of experts discussing the forced closure of businesses around the world owing to the Covid-19 coronavirus and the free-fall of the global economy.
April 2, 2020

Shaping Africa's urban areas to withstand future pandemics

The power of cities comes from the number of interactions they enable, between people, firms and markets - they are centres of social interaction. For all their virtues, however, cities have a major downside. They are a fertile ground for contagion, such as the rapid spread of Covid-19
April 1, 2020

Covid-19 pandemic offers chance to take stock and recapture ubuntu

We must seize this moment to learn to work together and make the just transition to a post-fossil fuel world that promotes the wellbeing of people and the planet, write Mamphela Ramphele and George Lindeque.
April 1, 2020

Covid-19: Regulation 11 should prevent promotion of quack treatments, but does it?

Tendai Mafuma describes what happened when Section27 tried to use new regulations to bring an end to the promotion of an unproven treatment for the Covid-19 coronavirus in South Africa
April 1, 2020

Covid-19 has brought into focus the unequal access to basic services

Residents of informal settlements do not have enough access to basic services such as water, sanitation and electricity.
March 28, 2020

Where is God in this time of plague?

As often happens, great disasters drive humanity to seek supernatural causes.
April 1, 2020

SA needs an independent monitoring framework to implement rights of persons with disabilities

It is of great concern that despite the rights contained in international conventions and the Bill of Rights, there is still a large human rights implementation gap in South Africa.
April 1, 2020

Water-use innovation key to corporate survival

The wide-spread droughts make it incumbent on every organisation to find innovative ways to improve how efficiently it uses water. Failure to do so threatens the sustainability of businesses – and society at large, writes Nomathemba Mhlanga.
March 31, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic: A test of Africa’s solidarity and resilience

In 2014, Africa was faced with the Ebola epidemic, which affected mainly West African countries, causing fatalities and disrupting the economic sectors.
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April 5 2020