February 18, 2018

The dangers of Zulu nationalism

A dark secret I have harboured for some time is how I nodded in approval when Spanish police brutalised Catalan secessionist protesters last year.
February 18, 2018

The curse we face

We are all responsible for the existence of African strongmen like Jacob Zuma, who dispense favours to those who promise them security.
February 18, 2018

Editorial: Thank you, Zuma

Jacob Zuma was the president of South Africa for eight years, nine months, 13 days and 22 hours, but he was so bad for the republic that it felt more like 1 000 years.
February 18, 2018

Tsvangirai: The man who got us excited about change

Frail in his last days and consumed by cancer, Tsvangirai saw part of this idea unfold as the nation was gracefully limping towards change, writes Tafadzwa Chinyamurindi
February 18, 2018

What's the fuss about Inxeba?

Xhosa men, including those in the Congress Of Traditional Leaders, need to ask themselves questions about the toxicity and hate that they have spread recently, writes Sixolise Gcilishe.
February 18, 2018

Tell the Ramaphosa story

The governing party now seeks to pursue a radical socioeconomic agenda, writes JP Louw.
February 18, 2018

Time for Cyril to put SA first

We need to renegotiate our role in Brics and undo the damage Zuma did to our foreign policy, writes Tebogo Khaas.
February 18, 2018

Women, our time is now

Men broke the Golden Rule that instructs:do to others as you would have them do to you. Now it’s time for women to run the world.
February 18, 2018

Inxeba’s X18 rating is 50 shades of unjust

South Africa is a conservative country in terms of religion and culture. That we know and no progressive generation has disrespected that, regardless of their own beliefs. But that should not allow the encouragement of censorship.
February 18, 2018

Book Extract: Nollywood vs mall mania

SA and Nigeria are two African powerhouses with a complex relationship politically, culturally and economically. In this extract from his new book, author, editor and academic Adekeye Adebajo looks at how the two countries wield their soft power – fr
February 16, 2018

ANC’s seven stages of grief over Zuma recall

From denial to anger and then bargaining, the ANC has gone through the motions during the saga around President Jacob Zuma’s recall.
February 14, 2018

The great dancer from Nkandla won’t let a newbie president dictate to him

Everything changes and the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. This was proved true when yours truly won yet another bet after I put my money and beer on the Jacob of Nkandla pulling an “I ain’t going nowhere without the ANC” move.
February 15, 2018

The struggle of turning culture into art

Telling stories about our cultural practices must not be left to outsiders. It must be done responsibly, to foster appreciation of our diversity, writes Lindi Ndebele-Koka.
February 12, 2018

The ANC could undo the mess by reforming parliamentary electoral laws

The ANC’s leaders seem to forget they are supposed to serve the people and not think – or appear to think – they own them. Or South Africa.
February 12, 2018

Editorial: A nation beating its women

On Monday, South Africans witnessed the horrific sight of a man, an ANC branch secretary no less, kicking a middle-aged woman in the ribs as she fell to the street outside the party’s Luthuli House headquarters.
February 11, 2018

Ramaphosa's rubicon moment

Cyril must ensure he’s not seen to be giving Zuma special treatment, writes Tebogo Khaas.
February 11, 2018

Mondli Makhanya: The day after Lame-Duck Day

In case you missed it, Thursday marked International Scotch Day, the day that the world’s most sober-minded people celebrate the golden waters. It marks the birthday of Alexander Walker, writes Mondli Makhanya.
February 11, 2018

The DA’s small-town thinking drags it down

Metaphorically speaking, the deteriorating state of our small towns could be equated to the ideological crisis in which the DA finds itself, writes Jason Lloyd.
February 11, 2018

For the sake of dignity

Land – or, indeed, landlessness – symbolises a far-reaching discontent within the populace over the slow rate of change in post-apartheid SA, writes Ben Cousins.
February 11, 2018

Land audit does not tell us all we need to know

The land audit undertaken by government could potentially be a valuable tool for understanding the patterns of ownership and acquisition in South Africa. It could also help us to come up with solutions. Regrettably, this may not be the case, writes Terence Corrigan.
February 11, 2018

JZ, the nation is waiting with bated breath

It would not be a sign of weakness for President Jacob Zuma to learn from the leadership qualities of FW de Klerk in his hour of political crisis – if he does not see it befitting to follow in the footsteps of former president Thabo Mbeki, writes David Ka-Ndyalvan.
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